Digital Movies

Digital Stories are at the heart of business strategy communications for brands. They are an ambitious mix between communications and marketing stakes that use the latest technologies and artistic techniques to make storytelling videos for your brand.

On one hand, Millennials are on the lookout for proximity, spontaneity, and authenticity. On the other hand, brands want to make efficient marketing campaigns. Storytelling videos, otherwise known as Digital Stories, create a 1200% rise in regard to video sharing on social networks compared to articles and still images. They are a powerful asset for businesses.

  • Bouygues Telecom Do it yourself
    Film institutionnel

    MakeMyDay invites you to let you talk about imagination with BouyguesTelecom! The videos « tips & tricks » to personalize the end of the year gifts.

  • Bouygues Immobilier Nico's Tips
    Film institutionnel

    MakeMyDay has chosen Nico to share useful information and practical advice before making a property purchase, and to accompany the first steps of homeowners.

  • Guerlain The perfumer's roads
    Film institutionnel

    MakeMyDay unveils the work of Guerlain perfumer Thierry Wasser in his quest,throughout the world, using the best raw materials,and reveals its commitment to producers and agricultural sectors. A series of Guerlain documentaries on the quest for the best ingredients.

  • Tecnifibre How to reach the top
    Film institutionnel

    MakeMyDay produces Tecnifibre's manifesto film to promote the technical innovation of its racquets for competitive players.

  • Bouygues Immobilier / Vidéos Ville 5 reasons to invest
    Film institutionnel

    MakeMyDay presents the 5 good reasons to invest in a big city, a web-series of 7 films discovering 7 major French cities.