Depending on context, and to reply to different needs, a brand film can take on different forms, but it always has one essential characteristic: great image quality!

Brand film can be expressed in a variety of formats, dimensions and aspect ratios.

It reveals an ensemble of the brands territory and proposes a visual manifesto of its values in order to enhance its activity and embellish its image.

  • Roady If you car tells you to
    Spot TV et Radio

    « If your car tells you to, go to Roady's.» is the new signature created by MakeMyDay during the direction and production of a 15-second TV commercial, a 20-second radio commercial and a social media film.

  • Essilor Shape your road
    Film institutionnel

    Makemyday makes a video manifesto for a perfect vision in mobility,for Essilor « life is a journey ». Shape your Road, powered by Essilor.

  • Mavala Mavala's 60 years
    Film institutionnel

    Makemyday celebrates the youthfulness and freshness of the swiss cosmetic brand Mavala. An anniversary film that celebrates the product performance, innovation and excellence.

  • Groupe Pochet Manufacturing secrets
    Film institutionnel

    Makemyday brings out the strong identity of the industrial artist, while, at same time pushing a creative proposal, source of innovation and mastery of production. A retrospective film that traces the history of the 3 factories of glass, plastic and metal.

  • Edmond de Rotschild Héritage The art of living in sharing
    Film institutionnel

    MakeMyDay illustrates the non-banking activities of the Edmond de Rotschild brand by unveiling an original territory around epicureanism,thus making the art of living become an integral part of the terroirs and their economic, cultural and artistic life.

  • Société des Bains de Mer Hotel de Paris
    Film institutionnel

    MakeMyDay suggests the emotion provoked by the Hôtels de la Société des Bains de Mer. Each of the 6 films reveals a luxury establishment and the quality of its services.

  • Union des Marques Longlive l'Union des Marques
    Film institutionnel

    MakeMyDay makes a motion design film to reveal the new identity of l’Union des marques

  • Jacob Delafon Where elegance begins
    Film institutionnel

    MakeMyDay carries out a digital brand content and media operation to support the new JacobDelafon platform.

  • Guerlain Bottle of bee's
    Film institutionnel

    The story of the fabrication of iconic bottle, from the creation of the glass until it's arrival in shop windows.